Soul Of A Painter

Welcome to my Art Studio, I'm Tara

I paint for photographers who either don't have time to learn or who are just too busy and want to offer this high end option to their clients. They send me their photos and I turn them into high end paintings that they offer to their clients. .  

Take your photography to the next level by offering paintings based off of your photography which will set you apart from your competition. Your clients will love your high end offerings. 

A portrait painting is one of the most thoughtful options you can offer your client.  A  heirloom treasure to be handed down for generations. 

 ♥ My process: 

I begin with your (raw) file and use it as reference as I digitally hand paint based on your gorgeous reference photo.

My digital paintings consist of hand painting the entire portrait brush stroke by brush stroke to produce a look that rivals traditional portraits. Absolutely no “filters” are applied it is very time consuming and tedious. The results are mind-blowing! :) 

Once I finish the digital painting I show you a proof which is emailed to you and once you sign off on it  I give you the choice of either just taking the digital file and let you print it off any where you'd like or I can take it a step further and hand paint on top of your Giclée Canvas or  Giclée Print with gels and luscious oils to add texture to your painting and take it to the next level. (Typically this is called Embellishing your print or canvas)  

If you are wondering about the process of embellishing your canvas painting let me explain: Brush strokes are hand painted onto your print or canvas.  A texture gel glaze is applied and the effect mimics a true oil painting in its rich texture. 

Brush Strokes can be done on any finish of a portrait, but my favorite is when it's applied to Giclée Canvas and Canvas Prints

The finial painting is absolutely stunning on prints enhanced with this technique. Adding brush strokes in oil enhances the highlights and accents for a true master look.  The final result is gorgeous and would be perfect for any home décor'.  The best part is the painting is of someone you love and cherish an heirloom piece that will last for generations.

 ♥ Payment Plan: 

1/3 due to secure a spot in my workflow 

1/3 due once I start painting

1/3 due before delivery 

I'd love to discuss with you your painting goals. Lets chat and plan 

something perfect for your client.



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