Hand Rendered Mixed Media Artwork


Your Moment In Time

Original Hand Painted Heirloom Paintings

Imagine for a minute that your baby is planning her wedding and you had bought one of my one of a kind heirloom commissoned portraits of her when she was a toddler.

It has been hanging in your house for decades but now you are
wrapping the painting up as a wedding gift for your daughter to hang in her home. Handing down portraits of family is such a lovely way to remember them in that moment in time.  

Capturing your moment is so magical. A painters job is to capture the essence
of their client in that very moment. In a blink of an eye the moment is lost forever unless an artist has captured it with their unique skill and talent. 

The artistry,  brush strokes the colors all combine to create a lasting memory of your loved one that cannot be duplicated. It's truly a one of a kind gift. 

I love creating memories for people to cherish for a lifetime.  I truly believe commissioning a portrait is one of the most unique and loving gifts you give a loved one.


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