Soul Of A Painter

Artist Tara Richardson

Original Hand Painted Digital & Traditional Mixed Media Paintings   

Anyone who knows me knows I love PETS! I think they are angels sent from heaven to make our lives happier.   I'm blessed to be able to paint for people who love their pets just as much as I do!  Capturing your pet's personality and likeness is the most important part of creating your painting.  

I love it when their soul shines through which can only be achieved by a professional portrait painter like myself.   Let me create a gorgeous painting of your beloved pet or favorite person that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

If you are ordering a paintng for a special occasion as a gift please email me about my current availability before ordering to make sure I will be able to finish your painting on time.

Once you have placed your order.  I‘ll include you in the creative process by sending images of the portrait in progress for you to approve.    

NOTE: If your photograph has been taken by a professional photographer.  I need written permission from that photographer that I am allowed to paint based on that photograph.

When the painting is finished and approved, I’ll carefully package, insure and ship it out to you if ordering a canvas painting.   If you have chosen a digital file it will be emailed to you as soon as it's finished and you have approved it. 

Painting usually takes about 2-3 weeks but may take longer depending on the 

complexity of the portrait (number of subjects, background, changes requested, etc.). 

 Completion time depends on how many commissions I have lined up. If you need a painting for a holiday gift, please order early!   I get really busy by Mid October! 

 ♥ Painting on canvas

 ♥ Multiple sizes available (18x24" to 30x40"). Please send me a message 

    if you want a custom size

 ♥ There can be up to two people, animals or other subjects in the painting.

 ♥ If there are 3 or more subjects, then the price will be $70 per additional subject over two. 

 ♥ does not include stretching or framing

I can do special requests like:

 ♥ Combining two photos into one painting

 ♥ Changing the background 

 ♥ Removing things in the photo that you don't want in the painting

Contact me to request a quote for your one of a kind hand painted portrait.



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