Artist Tara Richardson

Hand Rendered Mixed Media Artwork

How would you like a portrait on canvas ready to hang when you receive it? Send me your most cherished photo and I will use it as my guide as I create an heirloom painting that will be a part of your family for generations. 

Commissoned portraits give you the opportunity to capture a treasured moment and preserve it in the highest art form a hand-painted oil portrait. 

The final piece is something that will accent your home beautifully. I take the time to study as many photos as you can provide, as well as listen to your description of what  makes your loved one so unique and special.

Commissoned Paintings are upon request.  Contact me below and we will talk about what you would like and I then I can come up with a quote. 

Send me any photos you may have to (using your last-name as the file name  ( "hank 1 2 3 etc." ) to

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Original Hand Painted Heirloom Paintings

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Fine Art Heirloom Paintings

If you are interested in purchasing a commissoned painting don't hesitate to contact me.

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