Commission Your Heirloom Portrait Today!

Heirloom Portrait Paintings by Artist Tara Richardson

Heirloom pet portraits that offer a classical polished look. Every detail is drawn 

with meticulous attention to accurately capture your pet. Heirloom portraits 

are hand drawn with an art pen and Wacom tablet using 

sophisticated fine art software. 

I work closely from photos that you provide and pride myself on my 

attention to detail and customer service. 

They make a lovely gift, memorial and each one is unique to you 

and your pet. My goal is to create a likeness that really captures the 

personality of your beloved pet that you can treasure for many 

years to come. I work very closely with my clients. 

I accept commissions from all over the world and will paint any kind of pet, 

from dogs and cats to exotic pets.

Pricing - 16x20 

$90.00 (digital File Only) No shipping 

(A high res digital file will be emailed to you.)

$50.00 (per head shot)   Paypal: (per head shot)   Paypal:

(Please note that the color may show or print slightly different from screen to 

screen ( depend on your settings of computer monitors).


How long does it take to create a portrait?

​It takes 2-14 days, from the moment you approve your soft proof. However a lot depends 

on the complexity of portrait.

What kind of tablet do you use?

I use a Wacom Tablet and an Art Pen

Do you ship internationally? 

No shipping required - Paintings for everyone! :) 

Do you use Adobe Photoshop?

I use both Painter and photoshop it really just depends on the project. I do NOT use any plugins/actions/filters at any time

How Can I have my portrait put onto other specialized items?

Once a portrait has been commissioned, completed and received, I will upload your 

painting my art gallery where you can print onto other items at an additional cost.  If you 

would like this option please let me know.

Do you have any qualifications in the Arts?

Yes, have a graphics art degree plus I am a student at PPA working on my "Master Artist Degree". I've studied with various painters/digital and traditional. I've spent 20 + years as a character sculptor/texture artist for video games.  I'm also a Corel Featured Artist.

How long have you been painting for?

I have been painting for as long as I can remember! My parents tell me I started painting when I was 2 years old and I've been digitally painting for over 20 years. I still continue to do both traditional and digital as I love both techniques, styles, textures to much to just pick one. 


Do you have a favorite animal to paint?

I go through phases of really enjoying the wildlife portraits, then I'll paint a horse, a dog or cat and my interests will change. As the pet portraits are so different to the wildlife portraits and every animal is completely different to paint from the last. In short, my favorite animal to paint is the one I am painting at the time! Sometimes I just want to paint humans, I know crazy right?!