Treatment & Education


A few core symptoms characterize fibromyalgia and are shared by most people with the condition:

Pain in joints and muscles throughout the body, which can range from dull to burning and worsen due to circumstances like cold weather, stress, or time of day.

  • Small tender points on different parts of the body
  • Chronic fatigue

Originally, I was offered an anti-depressant for pain but I'm not depressed and I read that patients saw very little pain relief from it (because eventually the drug loses it's ability to work) and the withdrawals are horrible. That's not for me! I am already very resistant to man made drugs. They normally make me feel sicker than I felt before I started taking it. (throwing up/fetal position in bed praying for death kind of reaction.)

I knew I had something else wrong beyond my Cerebral palsy just had no idea what. I mentioned my pain and symptoms and my doctor asked me the questions of where my pain is located (I had never seen the FM chart before) I scored 100%. Plus  I have fatigue and sleep issues due to pain. Cold weather makes me hurt so bad I'm even more miserable.

I will be playing around with my diet and let everyone know what recipes are good and tasty plus healthy for those living with Fibromyalgia as I do.    

Marijuana & CBD is my medicine of choice as it's effective but doesn't make me feel like I'm dying plus it makes me feel better - Physically & Mentally. I realize people have a lot of opinions about this but this is by far the safest choice for me.  I do not want to get hooked on opioids

and I don't want to take an anti-depressant when I do not have a depressive issue. 

Most people go undiagnosed for decades before FM is noticed.

I think I can pin point how I got Fibromyalgia - I've had my symptoms since I was in my 20's after a severe case of the Epstein-Barr virus. Afterwards, I never felt the same. 

Did you know that having Cerebral palsy and being a woman heightens your chances of getting FM. 

It might sound strange to someone who is healthy but it's actually a relief to know that there is a problem (beyond CP) because that means I can manage it to the best of my ability.