Highest Quality Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Available!

If you've followed me on Instagram then you know that I have Cerebral palsy and I have been on a quest to find something to help with pain. I've tried many CBD products but none of them addressed my pain until I tried HempWORX which has been life-changing for me. 

Like many people I lived off of Aleve, Motrin, Bayer Back & Body to name a few and it was causing serious problems with my stomach.  

Pure. Potent. Effective.

My version of Cerebral palsy (Spastic dipledga) causes my muscles to stiffen up (imagine the tinman from "The Wizard Of OZ") and so I had to be on muscle relaxers but they dulled my thinking and I could never take enough for relaxation and still keep my mental alertness.  

HempWorx not only takes my pain away it relaxes my muscles without turning me into a zombie. (Can I get an AMEN!

It's taken 48 years to finally be pain free and relaxed. I'm NOT going back to how I felt before. 

It takes about a month everyday to see the results. 

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