Keto OS = Pure Therapeutic Ketones

Independent Prüver


My Keto story is much like many I've read about. The only difference is I am stubborn and I waivered back and fourth trying it here and there before the light bulb kicked on and stayed on.


The fatigue

Sleep Issues

The stomach issues

The lack of focus 

The feeling of, this is just how life is for me plagued me plus I live with chronic pain which makes life even harder. 

I grew up with a disability that effects my legs - I wore braces and used crutches until around 19 and then I became a full-time wheelchair user. All those years of struggle and surgeries to help me walk failed and I was left with serious chronic pain that hasn't gone away. 

As a kid I made goals for myself . If I can walk to - A B & C then I can have a coke or whatever

it was that I had envisioned as my prize for getting though the day & hours of therapy. Setting goals has served me well throughout my life but using food as my prize has been my biggest downfall. 

So when I am in pain I want my "feel good prize" - Usually something completely unhealthy like Coke which for some reason has always been my go to feel good prize. 

As we have all learned sugar is really bad for inflammation and pain and makes things a whole lot worse. (duh!) Knowing that sounds logical but when you are tired and in pain all you want is comfort food and drink. 

I met my friend Karah through work of all places and she has changed my life beyond measure. She's been very patient with my stubborn self and encourages me. I stopped drinking Keto thinking it wasn't helping and boy was I WRONG! 

It had been months since I drank my yummy Ketos. I found the box and decided to try one since

I haven't had one in MONTHS...  (I'm so stupid lol) I drank it and didn't think anything of it and the next thing I knew I was actually cleaning the bathroom - scrubbing the floor... I mean seriously cleaning. Up until this point I was hoping a magical fairy would come and do it for me. It dawned on me later that day that I had drank my Ketos in the morning and I was shocked how much more energy and focus I had. MIND BLOWING MOMENT! 

I've been back on my Ketos ever since and I am not looking back.  

The world’s first and only Pure Therapeutic Ketones® made naturally.