Painted Dog by Tara Richardson

Thank you!


WOW Tara!! Extremely dark, but extremely EXCELLENT!! Superb work here!. I love it. Thanks so much, I'm thrilled. Matt

Oh WOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Most definitely different, yet just as magnificent as all your work...Girlfriend, you have such a gift :-) {{Hugs}}

Oh Tara, this is very different. How unique, I love it! Cameo looks gorgeous, and matched with the Stone Maiden, this image is a winner!! Bravo :)

Excellent piece. I love seeing something unique and original - this is brilliant. ~Di

A great work, do you know I love Black and white and your image are gorgeous a terrific mix ^_^


A great job as your usual well done Tara, another surprise. Bye, Orietta

Excellent Tara..., beautiful, GREAT concept...!!! love it...:-) Superb Job dear... :-)

Awesome work Tara. I love it!

Lovely composition Tara, and great play on contrast!!!

Very artistic and stunning!

Nice concept and I just love b/w, great, great!

WOW Tara!! Extremely dark, but extremely EXCELLENT!! superb work here!

This is so unique and creative, Tara, wow.. and the greyscale really adds to it, great work, sweetie :) You are quite talented in many aspects :)

Impressive creative art work. Excellent.

Wonderful concept! this is stunning in every way!

In every render you do, the character you use is always center stage. I can't think of anyone better to show one off than you. Your idea here is wonderful, and I love the black and white. 

Beautiful, Tara. :)

Wow...awesome...such beautiful  characters. Excellent job! :P 

Oh cool :) this is neat :) Toxic Angel

Wow...awesome...such beautiful characters..excellent job! :P 

Excellent composition Tara, I especially love the expressions of Akasha and Penance's

WILD!!! Excellent image, very creative idea!!! Ya' Gotta ' love this time of year. :-)

Excellent! Love this Tara! Very creative and done so well!

Gorgeous Tara! Love the different girls, and the composition of them all. Great lighting, and brilliant post work!

Love it!!! Well not the old witch.. she scares me.. lol I like the creativity in this one. Great job!

oh wow what a wonderful mix :)

I have friends that look like that hehe I really envy your creativity Tara, and that Hair sigh

Fine painting!

Beautiful ! ! ! ! !

She is absolutely adorable!

Awwwwww :D So cute :)

Fantastic work, beautiful image, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very nice portrait !!!!

Wow!  Beautiful work Tara!

stunning work

This is excellent work ! ! ! Very reminiscent of Norman Rockwell’s art ! ! ! Meaning that yours is in that same caliber. Very realistic and very well done ! ! !

Excellent work :)

This looks absolutely classic!! So well "tailored" Lovely work!  Steve ;)

You are a fantastic artist. To have done this with Digital tools is amazing ! Keep up 

your wonderful talent.

He looks amazing and so cute.  I love this painting you have done digitally, 

very impressive work.

Very, very expressive and thoughtful portrait Very beautiful artwork

Brilliant work !!!! Absolutely beautiful !!! I zoomed in for a closer look and your brush strokes and attention to detail are just incredible ! ! ! ! !

Great expression!! Great job!

A fabulous painting of this unusual bird.  Very well done.  

Nice bird ! Very beautiful painting

Fantastic painting. You have really conveyed the softness of the plumage

WOW that so Rocks!

Love seeing your paintings. They are all so beautifully done

Beautiful ! ! ! ! Amazing detail ! ! !

Breathtakingly Beautiful, JUST AMAZING WORK DAMN !!

Absolutely gorgeous !

Wow!  Such beautiful work Tara!

You are very talented. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Absolutely wonderful, as always!

Wow, Tara, beautiful painting. I'm sure the buyer is thrilled.

Beautiful work Tara!

Magnificent!  I wish I could do something like this, what a wonderful talent you have developed.   

Reminds me a bit of a Rockwell image.

Too Cute for Words!!!  Fabulous job!

Superbly fascinating image !!!!!!

I never, ever have been able to get Corel Painter to look like this-----BEAUTIFUL!


Beautiful painting. Your detail work on the couch and ruffles is amazing.


Beautiful creation!

Incredibly Amazing Work

Marvelous expressive portrait !!!!

Outstandingly done !!!

Absolutely beautiful work.

What beautiful portrait!!!!

Such a beautiful portrait and I love her delicate lovely skin tones.

Another stunning painting. So great to see what you've been working on the last few months. I'd say you and Corel Painter are becoming very good friends. :o)

Marvelous portrait and fabulous creation!!! It's an awesome image !!!

Really superb style in your work.

You are creating some awesome art.

Excellent work.....very pretty expression.

All I can say is wow!

This is truly lovely. Thank you for sharing this!

Gorgeous work Tara! I

It is like some paintings from the 1800's and early 1900's

An excellent piece of artwork! Everything is working in this painting. The colors, the lighting and the subject are all in harmony with each other. Nicely done ! ! !

Worthy to be a Gainsborough, but with much more delicate blending and vibrant life, truly beautiful work!

Beautiful work Tara! I love how soft this looks!

Your painting skills are really impressive. Looks like one of the masters.

You are one of the brightest lights to ever hit this community, bar none, and that will never change. Beautiful render here!! Rain and Terry make a beautiful couple. ;)

Lovely image nice posing and lighting. Well done!!

Lovely scene Tara.. The lighting really evokes a mood...Beautiful work!

Wonderful lighting.

Excellent work on the lighting and atmosphere of this piece. Nice work on her hair and expression. Nice spooky mysterious feel to it. the cat just sitting there cleaning it's paws ignoring everything else.

Awesome Tara!! I really love the atmosphere in this one (except I really don't like rats :P) Beautiful work sweetie!! huge hugglz

Wonderful atmosphere, excellent detail, scene layout and lighting

Excellent! Wonderful expression - naughty but nice (the proverbial "angel with horns holding up her halo"). Nice job Tara! -j.p.

Excellent realization and very beautiful atmosphere....!!!

Gorgeous lady Tara. Her face is beautiful and love her fantastic outfit and pose. The colors are super. Outstanding piece of art.

I love how you do hair Tara, Rain is so gorgeous!

Wow Tara, she's gorgeous! I love the sheen to her skin!

Excellent skin texture, the lighting gives her this wonderful soft glow. Nice pose as well. I like the plant silhouette effect over the image, nice touch

I LOVE your work! It´s amazing!! Excellent job:)

Wonderful character and very fantastic scene! Beautiful work!!

I'll say it again, I think she is your best character to date, Tara. What an exquisite morph and texture, with so many options. Stunning work!! :) - Baili

Baili is absolutely AWESOME!!!!

She is stunning! Like all your characters she has that extra added "something"...character?, personality....whatever...she is marvelous. I had to run and buy her immediately!

What a beauty Tara, Rain  is another gorgeous character!

Maile is so adorably cute Tara. Very beautiful new creation by you :)

You have great characters. I love Rain, I can't wait to get Maile. I have many characters. Yours are uniquely beautiful. ( also have other characters from you, Brooklyn, etc.)

Maile is Very pretty Tara! Love those big, beautiful eyes!

Love what Tara is able to create. Her artistry as a painter is both elegant and joyful, with a true mastery of her brushes. Birds and puppies in particular are sometimes difficult, and Tara has the ability to create a beautiful art piece every time. Helen Yancy

Tara is a talented artist who has a gift for creating fine art paintings that provide her clients with family heirlooms.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tara to achieve my artistic vision on many occasions and cannot say enough good things about my experience. 

She can take your vision and make it a reality. I highly recommend Tara for all your painting needs. She will not disappoint! - Karah Sambuco, 

Tara Richardson is a natural artist –a muse that soars over beautiful landscapes and images of life, and can, with the same ease, make time stand still on the wings of a painted butterfly. 

Tara’s art breathes and pulsates her own passionate relationship with life. Besides an impressive collection of various works, Tara has also beautifully illustrated the cover of two of my upcoming poetry books. It is an honor to have Tara’s artistic energy dress up the cover of these anthologies.​  - Maria R. Palacios Author of The Female King and multiple other poetry collections.

I am soooooooo extremely happy beyond words. I ADORE IT! the painting is such a treasure. I asked Tara to do a very special painting for us of our wee boy. 

Tara’s communication, time management, easiness of ordering from over seas was amazing. I can highly recommend Tara. She is a gifted artist with an amazing talent.​ I am so happy with our painting she has done for us. I have recommended her services to family and friends over here. 

Tara, you captured our wee boy so well. It is just breath taking seeing his spirit captured by an artist. This will be a very precious piece of artwork.  Tara you absolutely rock my friend! thank you Hugs - Sarah

My hats off to Tara Richardson for capturing my grand daughter 100% in the portrait I commissioned her to paint for her for a Christmas gift. 

The whole process from start to finish exceeded my expectations completely. It was delivered in a very timely manner and is better than any portrait I could ever imagine. 

Tara captured an important life moment on canvas perfectly for us. This portrait will be a family heirloom... The light and the soul and the feeling the portrait exudes is amazing. 

The quality of the finished product gets 5 stars from me. I can't wait to find the perfect moment for her to capture for us of our other 3 grandchildren! I highly recommend Soul Of A painter. You will not be disappointed. - Valerie Hatch

Thank you Tara for your talent, and sharing your work!! A True Artist!!! These painting's are pure Beauty!! This is the talent that I strive for... But it would take 100 year's for me to reach the level of your Greatness!! Love these piece's of Beauty!! -Joe

My experience with Tara's artistry has been wonderful she painted my beloved Sava and I cannot thank her enough . I love it!  - Kim Kallas

I'm beyond thrilled about my painting of my Jake and his best friend floppy. Tara was easy to work with and her personality made the whole experience even more special.  I will contact her again. - Steven Gilley

We contacted Tara to do some pet paintings for us for our new vet office and she didn't disappoint. -Clyde Keller

I hired Tara to do two Commisson paintings for my daughters  for Christmas and they loved their paintings. Laura Hepner- Anderson

Tara painted my girlfriends dogs for Christmas and she just loved it. I've hired her a few times since then and every time her works is exceptional. Larry Stenger

Wow! I hired Tara to paint my wife and she did a wonderful job.  I will definitely  hire her again. Gregg Mozgala

Tara painted my furbaby Reese and it turned out wonderfully.  I will hire her again. She sure gives personality to every piece. - Mark E Daniel